The products we offer

Pharmaceutical Products

We supply pharmaceutical products from our plants in IRAQ and from Our partners in India , Turkey, Spain, Italy, USA, Romania, and Switzerland.
1. Sterile pharmaceutical products in the term of ampoule (1 to 20 ml)
2. Powder vials ( general)
3. Liquid vials ( 2 to 100 ml)
4. Prefilled Syringes
5. Dental cartridges. 

We supply Infant milk formula in the brand " Gaullac " from the French Factory " Synutra France International"
1. Gaullac Stage 1
2. Gaullac Stage 2
3. Gaullac Stage 3
4. Gaullac Lactose Free
5. Gaullac Pre

We supply medical devices from our factories and also from our partners all over the world:
1. Dermal filler ( Rx.HA ) Switzerland
2. Dermal filler ( Privilege ) From Caromed Italy
3. PRP from Caromed Italy
4. Medical gases from Lavinia India
5. Latex gloves from Our own factory in IRAQ ( SIPAR Factory for Surgical gloves )

We supply diffrent type of food supplment from different suppliers
1. Orthomax from Spain
2. Nephromax from Spain
3. Bioferon from Spain
4. Spermatin from Spain
5. Nexifert Male from UK
6. Nexifert Female from UK

RX.HA Filler

Hyaluronic acid dermal filler


Gaullac milk

Infant milk formula


Privilege Filler

Hyaluronic acid dermal filler


Life PRP

Plasma Rich for Esthetic


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