Welcome to Larsa Holding FZCO

Larsa Holding is a company specialized in supplying healthcare services in different activities based in Dubai

At Larsa Holding, we are committed to operate in an ethical manner on the basis of integrity, fairness and respect in all our activities.

A full Service of supplying healthcare products

LARSA Holding is a full service company specialized in supplying healthcare products to many countries. These products include:

1. Pharmaceutical products
2. Food supplement
3. Infant milk formula
4. Medical appliances
5. Surgical instruments

In addition to the up mentioned activities, Larsa holding has many project in MENA region including:

1. Pharmaceutical Factory in IRAQ
2. Latex gloves factory in IRAQ
3. Infant formula factory in Estonia
4. Medical gases factory in India
5. Gloria Scientific Bureau in IRAQ

Larsa holding has many partnerships agreement with big companies from different countries to distribute their products in MENA Region.

Larsa pharma SA